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I read an alt press review…

…of Saves The Day’s ‘Daybreak’ and it basically said something along the lines that Chris Conley is the vocalist equivalent to Benjamin Button in that he sounds younger and younger on each album. I couldn’t agree more. He needs to go back to his ‘Stay What You Are’ vocal stylings. Not saying I hate his current vocals, because I do like them i just prefer ‘Stay What You Are’.

no money, mo' problems

An article AP put out about how the bands we love (Ace Enders, Thursday, Eisley, Say Anything, Haste The Day, etc.) struggle to stay a float while on tour. This article is worth your time, especially to those of you who bitch about bands like A Day To Remember “selling out”.

and a big thank you to AP for finally saying something that people will hopefully take time to read as well as listen to.